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SoulPatch Music Productions is a jazz concert promotion and artist management company based in Portland, Oregon.

The idea for SoulPatch Music Productions was conceptually born in 2003 when I had the opportunity to hear jazz legend Oscar Peterson at a club in Seattle, Wa.  As a young man growing up in Eastern Europe endlessly listening to his records, hearing him in such an intimate setting and being able to visit with him afterwards was something I would have never dared to dream. The experience changed my life. I realized that as much fun as it was to hear music in large concert halls and outdoor events, personally for me nothing equaled to hearing an artist up close, in a smaller, intimate venue. That realization coupled with the desire to hear my favorite jazz musicians, both the elder statesmen and the younger players, who rarely if ever come through Portland; and the wish to provide another gig for local musicians, was the idea behind creating SoulPatch Music Productions.

Vahagn with oscar peterson

I sincerely hope that you will connect with us by joining our secure mailing list or our Facebook page to be notified of future events. And I hope to see you at our events, savoring the performances by the unparalleled masters of this amazing and truly American art form.

Vahagn Khachaturian
SoulPatch Music Productions

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